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Zebra Phone Cases: Creative design from nature elves

Zebra Phone Cases: Creative design from nature elves

Zebras not only have unique markings, but also unique behaviors. Although zebras used to be mistaken for white skin and black stripes, zebras are actually animals with black skin, black hair and white hair. In addition to the common black and white stripes, some types of zebras also have brown "shadow patterns" between the black and white stripes, such as the plains zebra subspecies Brandt's zebra.


The designer of Casetic got design inspiration from the unique animal pattern of zebra. Black and white are the main design elements, black and white and irregular stripes are displayed. This versatile color makes the phone case full of denseness. A sense of creativity. The zebra phone cases makes your phone look very unique in the crowd without losing a trace of mystery. Not only the phone case, our designers also apply this element to other products such as airpod cases. Animal elements are not only a totem display, but also full of a different kind of high-level sense.


Based on the black and white design, Casetic’s designers creatively introduced colorful elements, and the whole phone case looks more colorful. Like a ravine in the mountains, and like a terrace in the setting sun, the simple design concept is full of oil paintings. The texture of this kind of protective shell is not only a kind of dress for the mobile phone, but also adds to your sense of fashion.


If you admire the texture of art, don't miss Casetic's Zebra phone cases series. Simple elements, creative design!