Stainless Steel Mesh Apple Watch Bands

$29.95 Regular price $59.90

Achieve the same sleek minimalist style for way, way less.

Wear this iconic interlaced stainless steel Milanese strap with your Apple watch at a price point considered as a steal.

MILAN is singled out from other stainless steel watch straps for its impressive qualities and uber-stylish look.

What to love about this band:

  • Made to fit your wrist with ease: This minimalist stainless steel strap uses an adjustable magnetic buckle that allows you to achieve a perfectly comfortable fit without needing any special tools.
  • Paramount wearability: This watch strap is made with intricate loops of high-grade stainless steel for a breathable feel. No sweat or heat is trapped around your arm, eliminating that icky feeling nobody wants.
  • Lightweight yet enduring: Experience the superb quality you’ve come to expect from a stainless steel watch strap minus the additional grams. This strap is lightweight to a point you’ll doubt how it remains super sturdy.
  • Achieve a refined look: Stand out without even trying. Perfect for anyone looking to amp up their style with something sleek but does not contain too much flashy clutter.
  • Create a sense of individuality: Play around with how you want to wear your watch. Available in 5 different colors, this accessory will allow you to mix your personality with the classic leather watch strap.


  • Compatible with: Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & SE
  • Fits wrist size: 38mm/40mm/41mm fits 150mm - 225mm (5.9"-8.86") wrists, 42mm/44mm/45mm fits 155mm - 230mm (6.10"-9.06") wrists
  • Band length: 22cm (8.66")
  • Material: Stainless steel band
  • Claps type: Magnetic

Swap out the generic rubber strap that came with your Apple watch with something more you.